Pause, reflect, recalibrate

The power of executive coaching is now widely recognised by individuals and organisations. Effective coaching improves individual and team performance and business productivity. Coaching also generates a measurable return on investment.

My approach: mindful executive coaching

Mindfulness is essentially awareness; of what’s going on in the present moment within ourselves and all around us. It’s about observing ourselves and others without judgement and creating space in the moment to choose how we react.

I have developed a deep impact approach I call Mindful Executive Coaching. Pragmatic and client-led at its core, this has two interconnecting elements. One draws on my deep listening skills and experience of a range of proven coaching models. The other embodies the learning from my own mindfulness practice. This helps me dissolve internal barriers to progress and be fully present as a coach. The combination is a powerful force for your insight and transformation.

As your coach

I am a thinking partner who meets you as an equal. Through engaged listening and unbiased enquiry I create a safe space for you to explore your goals and challenges. This might involve clarifying your purpose and direction, aligning your underlying beliefs and values, or developing specific leadership skills and competences.

Whatever your context – an upcoming promotion, a change of role, a new team, a new job or another professional or personal transition – expect challenging conversations that generate insight, develop your own resources and foster your creativity.

Coaching with me can give you

  • A higher level of self-awareness
  • Authentic leadership presence and impact
  • Improved influencing and negotiating skills
  • Sharper communication and presentation skills
  • Clarity of purpose
  • A more resourceful, creative approach to solving problems
  • Stress-free transition through change
  • More time and energy

“Sally-Anne is an excellent coach, a dedicated professional and a reliable and thoughtful person. She expertly adapts her professional experience and approach to the needs of her client. I recommend her to any organization looking to develop its people and improve their engagement.”
Alexander Mikoyan, Managing Director for Russia, Hewlett-Packard

If you’re interested in exploring how I can help you, contact me.  I offer a no-obligation ‘chemistry’ meeting face-to-face, by telephone or by Skype.