Pause, focus, breathe…

Mindfulness is essentially our human ability to be fully present, and aware of what’s going on within us and all around us. It’s about observing ourselves and others without judgement and creating space in the moment to choose how we react.

Mindfulness can help us gain perspective on our thoughts and feelings, make better decisions and work better with other people. It improves our ability to think clearly and act decisively in stressful situations.

The benefits of mindfulness for leaders

A number of recent studies highlight the particular importance to today’s leaders of resilience and collaborative decision-making skills. Developing mindful awareness is a powerful way of strengthening these. When we’re being mindful, we’re able to pause, reflect and think more clearly. We observe our thoughts and feelings with perspective; see things as they are, differentiate fact from perception and emotion from reality. This gives us the space to choose our response, rather than react from habit.

My mindful executive coaching programme is for leaders who want to invest wisely in their own development.

The benefits of mindfulness for teams and organisations

Mindfulness is possible not only for individuals, but within and across teams of people. When mindfulness becomes a shared social practice in an organisation, it permeates its processes and culture and the whole organisation becomes more resilient. Mindful organisations are more likely to thrive in the face of constant change and challenge.

Recognising this, a number of leading companies including RBS, Jaguar Land Rover, Apple, Google, GE, Deutsche Bank, Bosch, Intel and McKinsey have introduced mindfulness practices as a core element of their workforce development.

Mindful executive coaching

Mindful executive coaching is the deep impact coaching approach I use in my work with individuals and organisations. I have also developed a highly effective aid to mindful awareness: the Pause Tool.


Mindful Nation UK – 2015 UK parliamentary report (PDF)

The Business Case for Mindfulness

The Power of Mindful Leadership

“Mindfulness blended with executive coaching can help emerging leaders to identify—and overcome—their limiting beliefs, behavior patterns, and interpersonal difficulties. Such programs can help them to develop new skill sets including the capacity to think strategically and motivate others.”
Harvard Business Review, January 2016

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